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Ade Rowe Has A Quick Chat To Ryan Nicholson

Ryan Nicholson is an independent filmmaker and special effects make up artist. He has produced some of the finest grindhouse inspired horror flicks of recent times, most notably Gutterballs, Hanger, Live Feed, Torched, Famine and his most recent film, at the time of writing, Collar. I had the honour of asking Ryan some random questions.

Ade Rowe: How did you get into filmmaking?

Ryan Nicholson: It was basically the need to put my thoughts out there for fellow perverts to see. I really wanted to take a shot at making my own stuff which led me to make "Torched". It had the content and the FX elements that I really wanted to showcase. Doing Makeup FX for quite sometime before that I had been on film sets, everything from 100 million dollar movies to 100 dollar movies! It was basically on the job training.

AR: What's you main influences , apart from GenkiSlave of course?

RN: Hahaa! There is no other but you! But no really, I think the 42nd Street Grindhouses were a big influence and those directors like William Lustig, Frankenlotter, Ferrera...those three are huge influences. The work they did and still do really inspired me to get into FX. Tom Savini of course, which ties into Lustig's "Maniac"...those fx were so violent, I loved them. I needed to try my hand at that. I bought Savini's book "Grand Illusions" and was totally inspired. David Cronenberg is also a huge influence. "Rabid", "Shivers", hell all his films!! They inspired the sexual element of my sleaze.

AR: I love the way your movies are nice and retro looking and all grindhousey and shit. Have you ever had the urge just to make a straight up family flick like Lassie or something?

RN: I have had the urge to make non-horror movies for sure. I love cinema. Movies like "The Godfather" and "Scarface" to war movies like "Platoon" and "Full Metal Jacket"...those are master filmmakers. But they also dabbled in horror. De Palma with "Carrie" and "Sisters"...Stone with "The Hand" and "Seizure"...I think it's easy to crossover if you are a creative person. I would love to make a Lassie movie but only if it could be Lassie infected with rabies biting peoples throats out...but "Cujo" already covered those bases!

AR: Haha! These questions seem quite regular and stuff that some boring cunt would ask over a cup of tea and a few muffins. Do you like muffins. If so, which kind?

RN: I fucking love blueberry muffins...the kind with big juicy berries that just explode in your mouth....mmmmmm.

AR: When the fuck are you gonna send me some dvds?!

RN: Very very soon! My guy Thomas Townsend will put a special package together

AR: Seriously though dude, What can we all expect from Mr Nicholson in the future? Any surprise lined up?

RN: Yes I think there's a big surprise with "Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep" in the sense that fans of the first will be shocked and like wtf...but at the same time, it is far more brutal than the first, so they will be overjoyed at the content...the movie itself is just bizarre. I am also going to start shipping products ordered super fast...that will surprise the fuck out of people.

AR: I know its quite a honour for you to have a legend like me asking you questions. How are managing to stop yourself from jizzing everywhere right now?

RN: It's just control. I pinch the base of the shaft and it stops the semen from shooting out. It actually hurts. I just want it out of me!!! Damn you!! But in all seriousness, your legacy is spread far and wide, the filth you've assembled is stuff of legend. I am honored to be interviewed by a fellow member of the filthy few.

GS: Aww your too kind!

AR: Do you ever just think " Ah, fuck it. I wish I was more like Quentin Tarantino and Spielberg "?

RN: Totally. I admire those masters and if only one day could obtain that level of craftsmanship...but that is like building Noah's arc with popsicle sticks, its going to take a long long time. Luckily for me, I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

AR: Right ryan, promote the fuck out of Collar and other future projects!!

RN: "Collar" is out via Unearthed Films as of yesterday Nov. 18th in North America. Please like our page Plotdigger Films on Facebook and please keep your pecker wet and your powder dry. I think that's how it goes. haha..

AR: Awesome!.. I know it was a quick random interview, but Ive got some food shopping to do. Is there anything you want picked up from Asda?

RN: Some sausage casing and Crisco oil would be great! Don't ask!

AR: Haha! Thanks so much for answering all my awesome questions dude. All the best!

RS: Great questions!!! Thanks for the interview!!! I had a blast!!

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