Sunday, 10 October 2010


Mike Pecci's "COLD HARD CASH" [2007] is a 20min grindhouse style, crime romp. Yeah, I said ROMP! Starring some sexy Suicide Girls, a decent amount of gore and a few wonderful scenes of beautifully tattooed female flesh-on-flesh.

Deane and Tanya are forcefully dragged into a dirty, underground building and confronted by some crime boss demanding old debts be paid up! They are then thrown together and sent on a mission to go after a briefcase full of stolen money. Since this is a short film, well, it ends way too quick! I want more and I won't give away any spoilers!

The two leading ladies have awesome chemistry and I love watching them. You have the perfect balance of a dark haired chain-smoking, bad ass. [Odette Suicide] and a beautiful, cunning, blond bad ass. [Eliska Suicide]

I absolutely love the way this film is shot. The direction, editing and cinematography is beautiful. I bought the DVD off the official CHC website, but none of the links seem to work anymore. The film is an official bootleg with limited edition artwork and you get to choose which design you want. Inside the case is a note from Mike Pecci about the dvd's hand-made by him and a contact address. The dvd has two different cuts available on it. One is the full length unedited version and the other is a cut down "excerpt" festival version. That one gets right down to the gritty and I feel it flows a lot better without the mob boss intro which is included in the full uncut version. 

I highly recommend checking out this short film if you can find a copy.