Friday, 3 December 2010

Zeleniy Slonik (Green Elephant)

Zeleniy Slonik (Green Elephant)


Directed by:Svetlana Baskova

  Zeleniy Slonik (Green Elephant) is a 1999 film directed by Russian director Svetlana Baskova,this really is a strange film indeed.The copy I have doesn't have English subs so it was difficult to understand whats going on but all and all its worth checking out if you can and another thing the quality isn't too great. Zeleniy Slonik is a War/Gore film based on the Bolshevik Gulags (Death Camps).Baskova's is a professional artist who carried out this project with his numerical cam√©scope and of the help from friends, also artists and this is his second film.
   One thing I like about this film is the amateur camera work that has a realism to it,it has a real gritty look.Theses two Russian men who are prisoners in this small cell talk for a good while and they start to argue and scream at each other,they fight and chat a little more.This goes on for about 50-60 minutes and then they are taken to what Im guessing was to be executed,there is a scene about the 30 or 40 minute mark involving one of the Russian men eating his own excrement then trying to feed it to the other Russian man that shocked me a little bit.
  The last 27 or 30 minutes of the film is definitely nightmarish that's for sure,the strange singing and screaming that goes on can freak you out.One of the Russian men brutally murders a guard and rapes him,pulls his guts out and there is plenty more violence and blood.I would say that if you liked August Underground you might enjoy this film,the film was banned in its own homeland after one showing due to the explicit scenes of coprophilie and scatophilie,homosexual rape and murder.Not much more I can say about Zeleniy Slonik (Green Elephant) but to check it out if you can it is most definitely a strange film.I was able to get a bootleg of Zeleniy Slonik (Green Elephant) a few months back not knowing what it was,I only got it for the cover art and im sure there are some bootleg sites that carry this film.I would like to own the Russian VHS if I come across it,but really odd film I hope you enjoy it.-Jesse