Wednesday, 13 October 2010

"Gozu" review

Who doesn't adore a mind fuck once in a while?!

"Gozu" involves two members of the Yakuza, Minami and Aniki, as they suddenly find themselves in a whirlwind of unexplained disappearances, violence, bizarre sex, cow heads, insanity, and breast milk. -shudder-

Minami looks up to Aniki as an older brother ever since Aniki saved his life in the past. However, he and the rest of the Yakuza gang begin to noticed Aniki's slipping grip on reality apon witnessing Aniki accuse a Chihuahua of being a "Yakuza attack dog," then proceeds to slam the small dog into the pavement until it was dead. Deciding it was time to let go of Aniki, the Yakuza leader olders Minami to take Aniki to Nagoya to have him "taken care of." Relunctantly, Minami does as he is told and begins the road trip to Aniki's demise.

However, a bump appears in the road of their destination...or lack there of. As Minami glances at his brother, he turns around to see that the road suddenly stops and there is nothing but water. Once Minami slams on the breaks, Aniki flings forward, hitting the back of the car seat, and snapping his neck. Paniced and not sure what to do, Minami drives himself and Aniki's cadaver into a nearby local town, where he calls his Yakuza boss and tell him of the situation. Once returning to the car, Minami discovers Aniki's body diappeared. Tad bit of a problem for Minami san, right?? Driven to find his Yakuza brother, Minami is set on an insanely fucked up journey involving demented and rather humorous events and people. However, when Minami finds his Aniki, something seems

The symbolism in this movie is overwhelming, and requires you to watch the movie muiltiple times to understand the movie and even discover something new about it that you didn't see in your intial viewing. The feeling I get from this movie focuses on Minami's sexuality and feelings for Aniki. At moments, it seems like the two have a very special bond and connection, but nothing is really in concrete when it comes to actual love between the two. The pace that which this movie goes at seems very dream like and you really have a hard time figuring what's a dream or a reality.

If you're into a psychological rape, this movie is definantly up your alley. I STILL  haven't figured out all the stuff that goes on in this movie, but it still amazes and entertains me. Go watch this movie now...because I told you to.

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