Friday, 22 October 2010

Interview with Lucifer Valentine 666 (SculptingFragments)

SF: Thanks for doing this V, this is the first interview we have for our 'Sick Twisted Fucks' blog.

LV. Oh cool ! well i"m honored to be the first interview !

SF. Your directing debut was 'Slaughtered Vomit Dolls' that came out in 2002, now we're eight years down the line, how do you feel you've progressed as a director since then?

LV. Well I began shooting SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS on Friday, December 13th 2002, and it was actually originally released Valentine's Day 2006 by Kingdom of Hell Productions then re-released by Unearthed Films November 24th 2009 ! I have created a lot of work in the last eight years and I am very happy and excited about all of it ! As a director, I'm not sure what I'd say about my progression, I just go with the flow of each unique experience and am very aware of the kinds of energy created during my shoots and I just pay attention to the subjects that I interact with and laugh a lot and have a great time.

SF. In the Vomit Gore Trilogy, the scenes are often hectic and disorientated with often only a couple of frames per second, a few of these go past so fast that we don't even have time for our minds to register them, why do you have them come and go so quickly?

LV. Stylistically, my mental activity as a person flows in extremely quick jolts and blips of manic fragments of energy and I've always been that way as a person and so naturally that affects my editorial style in my movies as its literally how I experience the world. Oftentimes when people meet me in person they think that I am on drugs like blow or speed because of my ultra hyper-real sensibility and because I usually burst out laughing approximately every twenty seconds no matter what kind of scenario I am in. So, when it comes to filming and editing the movies in the Vomit Gore Trilogy, because of the Hellish dark subject mater, and since there are nightmare and hallucination sequences, my hyperactive vibe as a person and artist lent itself quite well to the construction of the edits in my 3 movies as as sense of chaos and unrelenting disorientation and trauma added to Angela's terrifying journey as she is lost in a never-ending labyrinth of traumatic suffering. Also, in editing the Vomit Gore Trilogy, I was mimicking the mental activity of Angela, a very troubled mentally unstable young women, possessed by Satan and in the grips of a debilitating drug and alcohol abuse problem as she spirals downward to her Death so we see the fleeting glimpses of horrifying scenarios ripping through Angela's mind as she struggles to even recognize reality from her shattered imagination and hallucinations as she comes in and out of various violent states of consciousness.

SF. When 'The Exorcist' came out in 1973, occasionally a single frame would be put into the shot so the audience thought that they saw The Devil and had a paranoid freakout, is this the same idea you use?

LV. Well those flash frames in the Exorcist seemed to be put there with intent of making specific singular subliminal moments in the movie, whereas I think my editorial style is inherently subliminal and so the actual fabric of my edits contain subliminal and cumulative subject matter and themes woven throughout.

SF. Can you give an example of how your younger sister influenced your films?

LV. Yeah ! Actually my baby sister Cinderella is the reason why I am a filmmaker ! I grew up taking care of my kid sister Cinderella as she had Autism Spectrum Disorder and my parents travelled constantly for their work so my sister became my daughter and eventually my girlfriend and we were actually planning on getting married before she passed away. There are many different forms of autism in children and the symptoms and behaviors vary greatly in each individual, but with Cinderella, one of her main physical behaviors was catatonia, meaning she would be motionless for prolonged periods of time frozen like a statue; not only was this a very eerie sight, but it was very dangerous as she wouldn't react to any external stimulus and would not eat or drink and I had to physically make her take some food and water in these states with great difficulty. My Dad had given me video camera as a gift when I was nine years old (before he left again on another trip) and as i walked around the yard and into my house figuring out how to use it, I walked up to Cinderella who was catatonic and beg to film her and I said stuff to her like, "hey ! look here ! It's the beautiful Princess Cinderella ! I am filming the amazing super star Cinderella with my brand new camera ! Wow ! I am going to make a new television show right now with my little sister as the one and only STAR ! " and I went on and on like that and she looked at me and came out her cationic trance and just stared into the camera lens for a very long time and then slowly she smiled at me and she started laughing and I hadn't seen her laugh ever since she was born as Cinderella had what's called a "blunt affect", meaning she showed no emotion whatsoever to any stimulus. My sister instantly began performing for my camera running and jumping and falling (as she was nearly blind, she could only see basic shapes) and she was singing and dancing and talking about all kinds of stuff in weird made up imaginary languages and she came alive in the strangest most beautiful way all because I pointed a video camera at her, told her how great and beautiful she was and told her it was HER SHOW, and that she was the star and I would be there to film it forever ! So the reason why I make films to this day is because I was so profoundly influenced by my sister's awakening and physical and emotional breakthrough on camera that I just instinctively love to film people no matter what !

SF. You said 'Slow Torture Puke Chamber' isn't comparable to 'Slaughtered Vomit Dolls' and 'ReGOREgitated Sacrifice' and more of a stand alone movie rather than part of the trilogy. Was this always your intention or was it the way the movie just turned out?

LV. Actually no, I think the Vomit Gore Trilogy is a paradox: so SLOW TORTURE PUKE CHAMBER is definitely part of the Vomit Gore Trilogy but the important thing in what I was saying is that each movie in the Trilogy, although interrelated and actually containing overlapping footage and woven into each other, are like three children with me as the parent; each child has its own individual characteristics, its own mind and vibe depending on the actual occurrences I documented during filming, and therefore its own "cinematic tendencies", if you will, and although there's a natural tendency among viewers to want to compare STPC to SVD and RS, I think all three movies should be looked at in totality  as a cumulative result of descending deep into the Hellish world of Angela Aberdeen. SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS, ReGOREgitated Sacrifice and SLOW TORTURE PUKE CHAMBER can be thought of as slightly variant angles of refraction as light is being shone through a prism; its the same singular beam of light, but as you alter the angle at which the light hits the prism, the colors and shape of that dispersed light will change. Its a paradox because although on the surface there seems to be three separate movies in the Vomit Gore Trilogy, they are all actually ONE THING which can be seen at different angles and in different ways. So, Ameara's Angela, Hope's Angela, the Black Angels of Hell, Hank Skinny as bulimia, all the "SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS"(Pig,Princess,Whore,Stripper,Teen Porn Star, Miss Lake Washington etc.etc.) even the octopus and the tarantula, every character seen in my movies are all expressions of ONE THING: Angela Aberdeen, and Angela is expressed in the Trilogy in several bodies and forms.

SF. In 'ReGOREgitated Sacrifice' you used an Octopus during the Hank Skinny scenes, does the fact that Octopus' is also known as 'The Devil Fish' have anything to do with this?

LV. The octopus is used in ReGOREgitated Sacrifice to symbolize the infinitely chameleonic nature of Satan as an octopus can change its shape, color and texture to conceal its identity and is meant to also symbolize Angela's possession by Satan and so Hank Skinny, the symbol of bulimia, wears the octopus as a crown and uses the tentacles to gag himself and Vomit to show that Angela has been both engulfed and embraced by Satan and that she is now taking his form and becoming Satan herself as we see grotesque manifestations appearing onscreen like the octopus crown.

SF. What is the meaning behind all the insects in 'Slow Torture Puke Chamber'?

LV. I like how the footage of the insects incubating and forming as they are born and also as they devour prey goes along with Hope's story of a bizarre incest love triangle between herself and her mother and father; and so i wanted the telling of the story of horrifying child sexual abuse and how that led to Hope's bulimia to coincide with the insect life cycle kind of footage to show how this gross creepy little creature is created, culminating in Hope eating a child's birthday cake covered in live crickets to symbolize the onscreen "birth of bulimia", only to be closely followed with its simultaneous destruction in the "foetus massacre" scene in which the child is shown as sadistically raped and destroyed in its first moments of life.

SF. In 'Slow Torture Puke Chamber' we are introduced to a new Angela Aberdeen, played by Hope Likens, was this always your intention?

LV. Not really because I never plan anything in my movies and so whoever I end up meeting and connecting with will be the stars of my movies; it just somehow turned out that Hope contacted me online and we started chatting so I went with that vibe.

SF. You met Hope over the internet and begun working together, but you also had a couple of serious stalkers from the internet, so i guess you have to be pretty careful with who you let in, right?

LV. Yeah definitely, I try my best to follow my instincts about people and try to get to know them and develop trust before we meet in person.

SF. It seems that some of your cast have had somewhat of a troubled life, would these stalkers not potentially make perfect Lucifer Valentine actors?

LV. Haha, well, one huge difference in a stalker compared to an actual girl that I'd like to work with is that stalkers are extremely egotistical and are actually stalking themselves, and i like girls that actually care about me and happen to have a very submissive personality and therefore enter into a Dominant/slave relationship with me because they feel that my Dominant qualities actually empower them and fulfill their actual Dominant tendencies they may not otherwise have the venue to freely express; conversely, a stalker will project exaggerated mythologically idolized inner qualities that they wish they had onto a so-called celebrity or iconic figure so that they can actually distance themselves from their own self loathing.So a stalker inevitably will want to harm the person they pretend to be pursuing, as they try to kill off the unbearable pain they experience from never being able to attain an idealized state of perfection that they attribute to the celebrity.

SF. In 'Slaughtered Vomit Dolls' we see the first and only male victim, why did you not use any other men to be slaughtered in your other films? is it simply that naked girls being killed is hotter?

LV. Haha well YES naked slaughtered, decapitated, mutilated, dismembered vomit soaked girls are hotter than filthy guys on camera, but also Allen Nasty from SVD is a great friend of mine and he really had a genuine interest in my artwork and friendship and he wanted to take part and help out and he's just such a great guy that i wanted to have him appear in my movies so I thought in SVD it would be great to show one the "Johns" as they say, one of the customers who hired Angela as a young prostitute to be destroyed and have his brains eaten and puked back up into his own head !

SF. You're a Satanist and your films cover themes of Satanism. I'm assuming that in your films it's more the fairy tale Satanism like making pacts with The Devil and descending to Hell, little to do with the actual one you follow. Why did you decide to cover the fairytale version rather than the actual version of which people are a lot less knowledgable on?

LV. That's a really great question ! Satanism is very secretive and obviously misunderstood by the general public and so I think it's fun and really interesting to have me, an actual Satanist raised by Satanic parents, show various ways in which most people mistakenly perceive Satanism like with the Pacts with the Devil that some troubled teenagers make while making a Satanic movie ! The irony is that a Pact with the Devil, the way most people including the teenager making the pact would believe is impossible in the realm of actual Satanism as "the Devil" or Satan is actually within the true essence of oneself, so there's no need for an externalized pact to some dark horned deity, a pact with Satan in real Satanic terms would just be an honest agreement with oneself to be a strong focused person with sharp awareness of the silly world around you. I think that the real Satanic undercurrents to my movies come through and affect people on a deeper level that may be difficult to articulate and that is the best way I know how to convey the feeling of Satan.

SF. I heard in 'Slow Torture Puke Chamber' you changed your special effects team, what was the reason for this?

LV. Arcanum Design Works were not available due to scheduling so I worked with Marcus Koch.

SF. What was the reason behind all the urinating scenes in 'Slow Torture Puke Chamber' by LaVey?

LV. Ameara's Angela was a stripper, porn star and prostitute and one of her regular customers had a piss fetish and so he would pay Angela to piss in various object and also he wanted to piss in her mouth etc.

SF. When 'Slaughtered Vomit Dolls' came out you tried to submit it to film festivals but it was rejected, now that you have a bigger following would you try and submit any of your future releases?

LV.Yeah sure ! Back in 2006, the release of SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS took a lot of people by surprise and it was quite controversial and many people didn't even consider it a "movie" as they didn't know what it was ! It was awesome and rather hilarious to me ! But yeah it would be cool to have my movies in horror film festivals I'm definitely not opposed to it !

SF. Can you tell us a little about 'Black Metal Veins'? And when will it see the light of day?

LV. Well as i was in post production on ReGOREgitated Sacrifice, I came into contact with some really cool and interesting people who were heroin junkies and also were obsessed with Norwegian Black Metal. I went and hung out with this group for several months and we became very close and it was a beautiful yet utterly horrifying experience as I watched them destroy themselves and descend into one of the most grim and morbid states I've ever seen in the human condition, the world of a heroin junkie. As soon as the Vomit Gore Trilogy is released, I will resume editing Black Metal Veins and I hope to release it in 2011.

SF. Will it be released through Unearthed Films?

LV. Yes !

SF. You've spoken about doing 'Hand Crafted' editions of The Trilogy, how will these be different from the editions available now?

LV. The hand-crafted edition of ReGOREgitated Sacrifice that i made and sold was hand-signed,numbered and stamped by me and the double dvdrs were also created and authored by me -- but I am planning on making ultra-collectible editions of all three movies that are very special HAND-DRAWN-hand-crafted versions where I've personally gone and crayon drawn each cover individually for each person that buys it! So that way each hand-drawn-hand-crafted edition is literally a one of a kind as each drawing is its own unique artwork intended solely for the buyer !

SF. Do you get turned on by your films?

LV. Hee hee, well sometimes when filming I actually am sexually involved with some of the performers so yeah definitely at those times I am turned on ! And of course since I am an Emetophile I definitely get turned on when I film super hot girls puking !

SF. And finally, if you could puke on any celebrity of your choice, who would it be?

LV. Hahaha! Well bro, I actually like being PUKED ON by hot chicks ! I'm not the puker, I'm the pukee !

SF. Haha thank you for your time.

You're very welcome !