Monday, 25 October 2010

'Semen Maniacs 1 - Nanami Nanase' DVD Recommendation

If, like me, you enjoy watching extremely sick and disgusting stuff, then Semen Maniacs 1 is a DVD for you! Released in Japan by Soft On Demand, the same label that brought us the delightful MASD films, the SM series is just as fucked up and disgusting as the aforemenioned scat series.

What wonderful delights does Semen Maniacs 1 bring us then? I hear you muttering to yourselves. Well, it features AV star Nanami Nanase doing things with cum! Loads of guys unload their sacks into the lovely gal's eyes, nose, mouth, ears... Actually, her eyes are prised open, so that the nice creamy stuff gets right where it should! Fuck, they even stick a tiny camera up her nose so we can see her swallow the stuff in lingering detail, plus a camera is put into her vag so we can also see it circulating around inside. Her bladder is injected with cum too! Yes, a huge syringe injects her bladder so that, when she pisses, it will be mixed with semen. The time comes for her to piss out the cum and, surprise surprise, she must collect it into a container and drink the brew down.  Oh, and the depravity doesnt stop there. Because when Nanami has her lunch, the guys make sure that she has a nice big bowl full of jizz for her to dip her food in! Delightful!

The highlight has to be when Nanami is on her period and, having just been pussy filled with cum, decides to play with the mixture of menstrual blood and semen which she drinks afterwards!

All in all, this is a nice and disgusting bukkake fest, worthy of being in any sick fuck's DVD collection!


(October 2010)

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