Monday, 27 September 2010

Squirmfest AKA スーパー大食糞

As if scat porn wasn't enough to empty your stomach (and bowels) leave it to the Japanese to take it that one step further for a truly sickening experience. Squirmfest is the bootleg title of this infamous underground porno which involves a woman eating bugs, shitting, playing piano, fucking and more eating and shitting.

The film opens up with our leading lady at a dinner table with a plate full of pasta sitting in front of her, which soon turns to a plate of worms. She happily devours the meal and washes it down with a glass of worm-milk, nice! After her meal she gives us a bit of a rest with her piano lesson, but somethings wrong: it seems all the worms she ingested have made their way through her system and are looking for a place to go. She can't possibly leave her lesson to go to the toilet but it's ok! there's a hole in the piano stool for her to excrete the little critters out, like i needed an excuse for shit in a scat film.

Right before the fluids start flowing we take a trip to what-the-fuck land and we get a surreal scene which involves various wigs and fake moustaches, right before you question yourself as to what you've just seen you're face to face with a huge pile of dung, worms still intact.

The piano teacher is shocked, he's trying to teach her and she's shitting on the floor, how dare she? so instead of helping her musical skills, he helps her eat her own shit. Thats the second time those bugs have made an appearance and she's going for round three.

To mark the halfway point the teacher takes a huge dump on her face and she returns the favour with a dirty blowjob. After a pretty standard but shitty sex scene we go back to dinner for a cockroach main and a bug blended smoothie. Bon Appetite


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