Saturday, 9 October 2010


I hope I'm not over doing these reviews haha!

Today's review will be for quite possibly my favorite German Splatter movie of all times! THE BURNING MOON! Directed by Olaf Ittenbach! The master of German Splatter!

Ok, so The Burning Moon was made in 1992 by master of German Splatter Olaf Ittenbach. This Shot-on-Video gorefest is also an anthology movie to top things off! The wrap around story is a drugged out teenager (played by Ittenbach himself) shoots up a load of heroin and then goes to tell his little sister two tales of terror before bed!

The First story is based around a young girl named Julia whose looking for love. While it also centers around a maniac escaping from an insane asylum. Well of course these two cross paths and have a date. At first the maniac is a gentle, suave sophisticated man. But soon the night turns into a nightMARE! The man snaps and goes on two slaughter Julia's family in their home.

Even after her family is killed Julia stays strong and the story ends in a bloody climax of course!

The next (and better) story is called "The Purity".  This story follows a priest who has quite a crazy, hidden life... He rapes and murders women by the night! But by day he's a man of God! The rape scenes are pretty brutal and messed up as well! The locals believe its another townfolk and they hire a hired killer to get him! This is when the story really HEATS up (pun intended) The killer is plunged into hell in one of the most graphic, gory and longest scenes of torture ever put on film!

I wont spoil the rest and end of the film but man is it brutal!

I think this is one of the best gore films of all time and anyone whose a fan of German Splatter!

There is no proper DVD release but VHS are available for the right price! All in all this is an all aroungd fun, yet disturbing and disgusting horror find that I think everyone should see! Cheers!



  1. I thought "The Burning moon" pales in comparison to Olaf's "Black Past". Which I thought had a better plot than both of TBM's tales. Also "Black Past" almost had it all with way more extreme gore & disturbing content. Olaf's movies are great but I can take gore more seriously when it's not in someones dreams which he does alot in his movies. TBM's "purity" started out good but ended up bad, imo with confusing zombie tard wannabes & lack of explanations. "Black Past" however I can recommend. It's only available for free in Espanol on the tube, so those like myself that speak Spanish or don't care here is the link to watch OLAF's sicker movie: