Thursday, 21 October 2010


Ok, so I know this isnt a really gory, or violent film... Hell it's not even a porno! But I'll be damned if its not one of the top twenty most disturbing movies of all time and one of my personal top twenty favorite movies of all time. That movie I'll be reviewing is GUMMO...

"Welcome to my white-trash nightmare..."

This is one of those movies that you eaither love it or you hate it. There is no in between. Much like Harmony Korine's other films. The film stirred up much controversey upon its release. Mainly because of the ULTRA depressing and dark moral tone and because Korine marketed the film with a tagline of "poor people are funny." This film came out in 1997. Korine was in the news after writing the screenplay for the HIGHLY controversial film "KIDS" and People wanted to see how this young man could direct... To much amazement to the movie going audience they were subjected to one of the most depressing and dirty films ever put on celluloid.

The film with a narraration. A child it sounds like with an extremely raspy voice tells about a tornado that hit Xenia, Ohio. It shows footage shot on a grainy VHS camcorder of dead animals, people walking around in a daze and just straight up white trash. Then we see the "bunny boy" on a bridge in the rain as the credits roll... Then moments later much to the auidence's surprise a cat is drowned on camera... Many film goers walked out after this scene.

After that it's a hodge podge of just memorable scenes and characters. Really no story excpet showing how these poor, white trash, people live their sad lives... It's quite depressing and makes you wanna shower.

We follow two kids on their bikes for a large portion of the film who kill cats to get money for milkshakes, prostitutes and drugs. They are the "main" characters I guess you could say...

Also Choe Sevigny is in this one. She also did the costumes which were DEAD on!

All in all this is a great movie that will leave you thinking way after the credits! There are a few scenes below I'd like to talk about since its the only way I could give you an idea of how this movie is.

JUNKYARD: Theres one scene in which tow kids are dressed as cowboys in a junkyard with two of the FOULEST mouths you have ever heard! And they have lisp! The bunny boy comes along and they say "he's a fag rabbit" and "YOU SMELL LIEK A PILE OF BULLSHIT!!!" True genius! Its hilarious but also quite tragic.

WRESTLING A CHAIR: In what is probably the most tragic and sad but hilarious scene in the movie a group of shirtless white-trash drunk men and some jail bait women wrestle a chair. They yell "GET HIM DAMMIT!" "STOMP HIS ASS!!!!" I can't find any screen shots sadly but it is just something you NEED to see! Also a black midget in an ISRAEL shirt is there...

THE BATHTUB: One of our main characters (the youngest one) takes a bath in his dirty, brown wattered filled bathtub. His mother brings him some spaghetti and he eats it while she washes his hair. Theres bacon taped to the FUCKING WALL!!!! This is arguably the most disturbing and dirty scene in the movie... Werner Herzog is a big fan.

Theres lots more scenes that are awesome but I just picked those three. Theres also a very stomach churning youthinization scene. And prostituting a mentally-retarded girl.. All in all this is a film that you can watch over and over if you love it. I myself have seen it 20 or more times! It comes highly recommended! NOW GO BUY IT! Below I posted some more screenshots. Thank you nad I hope you enjoyed!



  1. PeanutButterMutherFucker.

    Great review Codster!
    I love GUMMO. Thankfully got to see this showing in an arthouse theater when it came out.

    My fav scene has to be when he eats in the bathtub, especially the chocolate bar after it falls into the dirty bathwater. I love that for some reason. The melty dirty bath chocolate!

  2. Fuck all of you. Xenia is nothing like they pertray it in the movie come down here and bring up the movie. See what happens