Friday, 28 January 2011

GenkiSlave Has A Quick Chat With Daikichi Amano (Genki-Genki)

Daikichi Amano is the creator of the infamous Genki films. Featuring sea creatures and insects amongst other things, these are the most creative and extreme Japanese porn/art films out there. Daikichi is also a photographer of bizarre and beautiful scenarios featuring sea creatures and insects. I am privellaged that Mr Amano could answer a few of my questions because, by his own admission, his English isnt that good.

GenkiSlave: Do you class your work as art or pornography?
Daikichi Amano: I think both which are art and photography.

GS: The first Genki-Genki film was Love by the Scalpel Dog. I see that this is not available anymore on your site. Do you regret making the film?
DA: In fact, start of Genki-Genki was scalpel dog, but, using dog is really difficult for
photo shooting, therefore, I have changed to sea creatures.

GS: Do you appreciate how your work has been embraced by the Extreme Film Community?
DA: Yes, I am really pleasure to enter the community.

GS: How did you come up with the idea of using sea creatures and insects in your work?
DA: I am always thinking care of female genital, so, I am always going to fish and creature shop and
I am thinking new idea.

GS: Do you personally find your work sexually erotic?
DA: I am making the film for those interested in these category.

GS: Have you moved away from doing Sea Creature based films or do you still plan to bring more out?
DA: I am shooting horror film right now.

GS: Which Artists and Directors have influenced you?
DA: I do not have any people of artists and directors who from influence.

GS: Thank you Daikichi for taking the time to answer my questions :)
DA: Thank you.

(GenkiSlave January 2011)


  1. very cool man. i'm interested in that horror film he's working on, thats guna be nuts!

  2. Yeh im really looking forward to it :)

  3. Completely AWESOME!
    I have great love for Daikichi Amano!

  4. I think I just looked into Hell....