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In 1994 master Indie filmmaker Jim VanBebber released one of the most talked about and controversial short films ever made... My Sweet Satan.

This is one of your humble narrarator's favorite films of all time..

apic10.jpg My Sweet Satan (1994) image by HexenkultBased on true events Jim VanBebber plays druged out, satan worshipping, rebeling teenager Ricky Kasslin. All the kids call Ricky the Acid King because of his habit of handing out Acid and parties and group functions.

The film opens with Ricky hanging himself in a prison cell. A guard then walks over to Ricky's friend's cell and laughs at Ricky's death.

Next we see Ricky and a friend sitting around a slaughtered animal of some type (I think it's a chicken) and having a prayter to satan as they smoke dope and pour liquor over the dead beast. Ricky's frind then looks at Ricky and says.. "Ricky... Think of the people you want Satan to KILL!"

We then fade out to see Ricky walking around and carving things like "666" and "Acid King" in pieces of wood while we hear Ricky's friend narrarate about what kind of person Ricky is.

All the kids and Ricky stand around a concert hall as Ricky defiles the place with graffitti. They ask where Ricky will stay when it is cold. A dumbass,Gary, then makes the mistake of making fun of Ricky's Satanism. This starts a fight with Ricky and a couple guys.

We are then at a party where more narraration takes place. Ricky shows up handing out Acid as usual and the same kid (Gary) ask for another hit. When Ricky refuses and a girl replies "You run home to your momma and blow chunks.." Gary responds with "At least I have a mom to go home too.." This angers Ricky and he Yells at Gary. Gary trembles on his knees and ask for forgiveness.

later that night when everyone is passed out, gary sneaks over to Ricky and steals a wad of money out ofr Ricky's pocket... Ricky wasn't asleep.

Then it fades to a scene of Ricky and a friend in the wood headbanging to some Heavy Metal in the woods and drinking. Then it swiftly cuts to Ricky and Gary and Ricky's friend into a convenient store. Where a man says they'll take em all to a party but Ricky's friend replies "I don't think we'll be going to any stupid fucking party.."

Ricky sucks in helium from a balloon and everyone laughs, The guy at the conveniant store and the three guys leave into the woods. They take him because he saw Gary rip Ricky off. The conveniant store guy takes a hit of acid and completely trips balls.

The go into the woods and begin to ask Gary to take off his shirt to kindle the fire. When he refuses they rip his shirt off him. Gary is frustrated but he doesn't show any hard feelings. They say give it to Satan. gary mocks Satan. They say its not gonan do it so they cut off a lock of Gary's mullet forcefully. This is when Gary starts getting mad/scarred. When Gary says something Ricky takes off Gary's pants and says "Hows it feel to have somethin taken off you!!!! HUH?? PUNK???"

Gary swears he stole no money until Ricky puts his knife through Gary's nipple ring and pulls it out. Ricky keeps repeating "SAY YOU LOVE SATAN! SAY IT! SAY YOU LOVE SATAN" while repeatedly stabbing Gary in the chest. Gary just keeps saying "NO! I love my mom!" The guy from the conveniant store goes and pukes in the woods. They throw Gary on the ground still saying "Say you love Satan!!!"

Ricky pops out Gary's eyeball with his knife and cuts down his chest.. ALL caught on camera! When it gets to where Gary has one last breath Ricky's friend stomps in Gary's head in one of the most violent scenes ever put on film. Forget American Hisory X.. This is the best head stomping ever! After Gary's obviously dead Ricky says "Satan approves.." Then we get back to the jail cell where fellow friends narrarate over what happened.. Then its done!

This movie is INCREDIBLE and a very well made short film! It is one of the most brutal films ever made and comes HIGHLY reccomended. It stands out and Jim VanBebber's best short film and MAYBE his best film of all!


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