Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Girl Hell (一九九九 少女地獄)

Directed by: Daisuke Yamanouchi


Girl Hell is a film about a schoolgirl who rides her bike talks to a homeless women who breast feeds a plastic baby doll,has a father who is raping her sister and beaten her pretty severally she is bandaged from head to toe also she is being stalked by a rich guy,then she comes across two teens who are on a murder,raping rampage.

  The copy I own has no subtitles so its hard to follow,whats going on,at the start of the film we follow a young girl on her bike and two teens talking id guess about sex,the schoolgirl seems to know the homeless women she visits,she brings her food and sits to talk with her as she eats and begins to breast feed her plastic baby doll,milk comes out of her breast.
  She gets to her home breaks a dish and her father comes out of a room were she discovers in horror I would say her sister,the room is disgusting and her sister is tied and bandage.Her father leaves and she nurses her sisters wounds.The father countinues to abuse this poor girl and the schoolgirl is also being stalked by some rich guy who captures her and drinks he bodily fluids with a catheter.
  The two teens begin there rape murder rampage making there way to the homeless lady were they beat her with a baseball bat and rape her,they make there way to the schoolgirls home were they murder the father and rape her sister.This scene was pretty disturbing for me the baseball bat beatings are pretty brutal scenes,but the sister is being raped by these two guy at the same time and blood is spilling on the floor as there laughing and penetrating her at the same time.
  Without giving the ending away there are two more murders and that is pretty much the whole film,The story about a girl,rape and murder and violence Yamanouchi is known for some pretty nasty films and this is one of them the film is pretty well shot for being his usual shot on cam work and the acting isn't that bad at all Id definitely recommend this film,lots of nudity and violence a pretty twisted watch.You can find a dvd-r of this film pretty much anywhere online.The film was released on JVD video in Japan in 1999 it is also available on Japan DVD. -Jesse