Monday, 27 December 2010

'Divided Into Zero'

A short review for a short film.

Divided Into Zero is a 1999 short film by Mitch Davis. It touches on three stages of a child killer's life. Non-linear and surreal, Divided Into Zero is indeed a very grim viewing experience. While not graphic gore wise, this 34 minute short carves vivid images into your mind with a razor blade and is psychologically more disturbing than anything the August Underground films can throw at us.

Images of the killer as a young 7 year old boy slashing at his arm with a razor blade, getting urinated on by a woman in the middle age stage of his life, and abducting a little girl when the killer has approached old age, really show how much this guy's mental heath has fucked up during his lifetime. The most disturbing images in the film are of the abducted little girl with razor blade wedged into her lip and one wedged between her fingers. The killer seems to get off on just staring at the poor girl being helpless and in agony, crying silent tears. Divided Into Zero is no good time film by any means. It is stark, superbly shot, and very clever at interpreting what goes on in the mind of a child killer without giving too much away.

So, if images of a  razor blade wedged into the lip of a little girl, self mutilation, a golden shower, eye drops on a child's doll and lots of surreal images interest you, Divided Into Zero is the perfect film for you... And I think it is a pretty perfect film - Just the right running time, the right amount of horror, the right amount of sleaze and its disturbing as hell.

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Monday, 20 December 2010

GenkiSlave Interviews Ron DeCaro

Ron DeCaro is an Independent film maker, better known for starring in and directing gore flick The Gateway Meat. Part of The Brightside Trilogy of films which include The White Lie & Eating Razors - A Love Story, The Gateway Meat is a tour de force of brutality and unpleasantness. I had a quick chat with Ron about stuff:

GenkiSlave: Hi Ron and welcome to the sicktwistedfucks blog!
Ron DeCaro: Thanks for having me.

GS: How did you first get involved with making films? Was it at first just a bit
of fun to do with friends?

RD: I always had some idea that I’d like to work on films. To me they are
a true form of expression and art. You can take people anywhere and
show them anything. You can make them think and feel. At first when I
started out I was really just messing around. I didn’t start to take
it seriously until The White Lie which I really wanted to be brutal
and unrelenting. After that I knew most of my work would likely be
more on the darker side of horror. I do want to shock my viewers but
at the same time I want to show them something new. It’s really
important to me that my work be as original as possible.

GS: What are the main influences behind your film-making?
RD: I grew up on 70’s and 80’s horror but the 3 films that inspired me
most are probably the Thing, Braindead (Dead Alive), and Hellraiser 2.
I also have to give one hell of a nod to my friends over at ToeTag
Pictures for keeping a fire lit under my ass. Fred Vogel and crew are
the ones who showed me that there is no line in film making and the
horror can be pure and intense on a micro-budget.

GS: Influential Directors?
RD: John Carpenter, Peter Jackson, Sam Rami,Stanly Kubrick, Fred Vogel,
Brian Paulin.

GS: To anyone that doesn't know, explain The Brightside Trilogy...
RD: The Brightside trilogy is a series of films shot primarily at a condo
on Brightside Ave. in the town I used to live in. I thought the name
would be an ironic play on words. The three films are Eating Razors (a
love story), The White Lie & The Gateway Meat. These films were
created in attempts to show that no budget films can be emotionally
impactful and brutal.

GS: The Gateway Meat has become the most popular of the trilogy,and a big hit amongst the extreme film community, does this surprise you?
RD: The Gateway Meat was a real exorcism for me. It was a selfish film
that I made for my cathartic needs at the time. The fact that it is
well received is really all just gravy. I knew when I was making it
that I would be swinging for the fences but I never really knew how it
would become as popular as it has.

GS: The editing on The Gateway Meat is cool, and how, in the making of,
your daughter doesn't actually witness any of the sick goings on...

RD: I wanted to create an intense amount of anxiety in the film and I
thought that a good angle would be to have this beautiful little girl
juxtaposed against this horrible world filled with, violence, murder,
and other nasties. She again never witnessed any of it. She is my
world and I would never subject her to any of that type of material in
real life. In the film I play a monster but it does not reflect the
person that I actually am. People forget that sometimes.

GS: How do you come up with the ideas for your films?
RD: Generally I like to day dream and take notes. Ideas come to me like
inspiration, sometime in fragments then sometimes in floods. I try to
ride the wave whenever one presents it’s self.

GS: Eating Razors, any plans to re-release it?
RD: I plan to re-release all three films on an all new DVD called “The
Brightside Trilogy” coming in 2011.

GS: Yeh, I know that the trilogy box is supposed to be coming out, but
it seems like forever!

RD: I know. I know. Soon.

GS: You've been quiet lately, busy on a new project?
RD: I’ve been working a ton and haven’t had a lot of time to work on too
much. I’ve got a new short coming out soon called Emancipation. It’s
95% complete and will have a very limited release of 100 units also
coming in 2011. I’ve also been working on some other things that are in
the infancy stages. The juices are still flowing and FTBOMP (For The Better Of Mankind Productions) is not dead.

GS: Finally, Any advice for young wannabe film-makers out there?
RD: Just do it. Don’t talk about it. Just get up and get out and start doing it.

GS: Thanks very much for your time Ron. Take care dude :)
RD: Thanks very much for having me.

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

GenkiSlave Interviews Long Pigs Co-Director Chris Power

Long Pigs is a mocumentary about a cannibal serial killer, Directed by Nathan Hynes & Chris Power. I whispered sweet nothings at Chris until he granted me this interview:

GenkiSlave: Hi Chris, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by your favourite person for the sicktwistedfucks blog!
Chris Power: Hey man thanks to you and your sicktwistedreaders!

GS: Do you own any pigs?
CP: Pigs? I'm the only pig in my house!
Actually Nathan (co-director) owns a pub in Toronto called "The Auld Spot" where pigs are the theme... so he technically does own a pig.

GS: Wow.. So the pig theme is pretty personal to you guys then! I found a torrent of Long Pigs but it fucked up my laptop and I had to pay 70 quid to have it fixed.. Will you send an engineer out next time it happens when i try to download your next film rather than buying it officially?
CP: LOL! I would be lying if I didn't admit the same fuckin thing happened to me recently - trying to watch shit for free as well... Got mine fixed by my awesome brother-in-law gratis so if it happens again I'll hook ya up. We cool?

GS: Haha yeh we cool!.. Long Pigs is a pretty good film.. Great effort! Have you always been interested in making a mockumentary about a cannibal?
CP: Since I was a wee lad... actually the idea really came about when Nathan and I were looking for a "real life" horror story for a script. Long story short: we befriended this psycho murderer in prison who totally manipulated us - we made every journalistic mistake in the book. Anyhow thanks for the kind words - we made this for nothing so it's nice just to have it seen by folks who appreciate it.

GS: Yeah, well I have read some shit up on it from wikipedia and IMDB! haha.. So, when do you think you will give something decent away to promote the film, rather than dried bacon? Even though I do see the connection with the bacon and all that..
CP: Actually the Jerky is "Beef" as you can see on the package - and people seem to dig it as a novelty anyhow. Again, like Cecil B. Demented we have "no budget" - we do have a Long Pigs baby t-shirt:
And in the coming year - Anthony (Killer in film) will finally be releasing his cookbook from prison...
But if you or anyone else have suggestions bring 'em on - we're open to licence deals!

GS: Thats cool - Beef Bacon.. I like it!! I heard through the grapevine that you will be doing a sequel to LP.. Is this true or some made up rumour from some cunt on the internet?
CP: No, we have a script people seem to like - and hopefully some first stage financing soon. I can't say too much about it other than the fact that batshit-crazy facebook people are part of the movie so there's still a chance you'll be in it!

GS: Wow.. Are you gonna fly me over from the the UK?!!! Can i play a Japanese Scat obsessed drag queen?
CP: Sure, why not? - but I think we'll just shoot that video via skype... We're gonna set up something for crazy fans to submit videos that can be part of a internet montage. The crazier the better, and you just set the bar sir. Now I wanna see that actually! Now who's sick?!

GS: Ah... But the sight of me wallowing in a mixture of semen, shit and menstrual blood is not pretty! Cool.. Thats sounds fucking awesome.. Cant wait... Anyway.. Thanks for the chat Chris. Your a fucking star! One last question... Can you recommend any good Cannibal Mockumentaries??
CP: Besides ours? - hell there's a whole sub genre isn't there? A lot of people liked Cannibal Holocaust but for me that went a bit over the line in terms of the animal cruelty. Hey and many thanks for the interest sir! We need all the sicktwistedfriends we can get! -cheers

GS: Oh I loved the turtle bit in Cannibal Holocaust! No problem man.. Its been a pleasure (in a twisted sexual way)... Laters dude :)
CP: That poor turtle... later sir!

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Self-Destruction of Gia [2003]

The Self-Destruction of Gia [2003]
A film by: JJ Martin

November was AIDS awareness month and I was randomly searching up information on Zoe Lund (Ms.45/Bad Lieutenant) when I came across some information about her working on a movie about the infamous, heroin addicted fashion model Gia Carangi. Gia passed away of AIDS on November 18, 1986 at 26yrs old and had contracted the HIV virus from sharing dirty needles. Lund, also a heroin addict, had spoken out about what it feels like to be an addict and what the drug does to your mind, body and soul. Unfortunately, Lund passed away in 1999 due to heart failure at 37yrs old from her drug use. The footage was incorporated into a film/documentary on Gia called The Self-Destruction of Gia that came out in 2003. I looked up the website and took a chance on buying the film directly off the site The Self-Destruction of Gia. I figured it would be a DVD-r or something, but this is what I got and it's pretty sweet.

The actual "film" seems a bit rough around the edges, especially the opening which lingers on a photo of Gia while an entire song plays over it. Then it jumps into the actual story, with titles and a voice-over narrative until we get to the personal interviews inter cut with more photos and home video footage. So, have patience with the documentary, it's not perfect by any means.

I've been drawn to Gia since I was a teen. I saw the cover of Stephen Fried's "Thing of Beauty: The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia" on sale in a store in the mid-90's.

I started to read a few random pages about this woman, some things hit home, I looked at her face and her pictures and that was it. I ended up getting that book for Christmas that year. So, I have been watching and reading up on Gia for quite a while. I was wondering if the material on this dvd could be just a bunch of information we've all read or heard about before. Well, to be honest, it kind of is, BUT it's all directly shown from the perspective of the people who were around her, worked with her or knew her best. It's a really great detailed verbal retrospective of Gia's life, from childhood; incest, sexual abuse, rapid success in the modeling industry, partying, recreational drug use, her crazy behaviour, love for women, unrequited love with makeup artist Sandy Linter, her heroin addiction, shooting gallery/dirty needles, sexual favors for drugs, rape, sickness, aids, and sadly her ultimate death laying in a hospital bed hooked up to a mass of machines. Seeing Gia's mother speaking about her daughters last 4wks of life and seeing her daughters flesh fall off of her body while she was dying in the hospital is heart-breaking. Other interviews include, Janice Dickinson and I don't understand why she has to be so loud and over-bearing. Can she not just talk normal? Photographer Francesco Scavullo, designers Vera Wang, Diane von Fürstenberg, Zoe Lund, Lori Hamilton, and drug counselor/former addict Robert Hilton.
Included in the film is rare home video footage, a good deal of her with Sandy Linter, personal childhood photos and the full TV interview Gia did for 20/20. When Gia speaks about her modeling agent and close friend Wilhelmina Cooper, you can see it all in her face how much she cared for her and how much her death affected her. Which was a big contributor at that time to her downward spiral into heroin addiction.
So, If you are a fan or have any interest in Gia and hearing about her directly from the people who knew her, I highly recommend this dvd.




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Tuesday, 7 December 2010




Directed by:Paul South and William Taft

The Kansas City Butcher Story


Monday, 6 December 2010

'Scatolo Cat Fight'

Mud Wrestling? Fuck Off! This Is Shit Wrestling!

There's nothing better than getting home from work, making a hot drink, popping a DVD in the player and watching Japanese girls wrestle in shit! Yes, heaven indeed!

Scatolo Cat Fight starts off quite tame really, with naked girls wrestling in a slimey dung heap and pissing on each other. Oh, how they seem to enjoy these joyous activities! But, oh oh, they must have been given either a huge meal before or some laxatives, because they really need to take huge shits in a back of a pick up truck! Girl after girl get the turds a flowing in glorious detail. Yes, its quite surreal stuff!

Those silly girls! They really should have known better than to take a steaming dump in the back of a trailer, because some cunt operating the vehicle thinks it would be fun to empty it while the poor girls are still on the back of it! Aww bless! They really fight to stay on the back of the dumpster (no pun intended) to save themselves from being covered in their own shit. But, deary me, it isnt long before they topple off into a heap, covered in the lovely brown stuff! Then its time to wrestle in human shit. Yum yum!

This film is a weird and wonderful piece of Japanese Scat! Plus its the ideal viewing experience with a cup of tea and a chocolate brownie!

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Zeleniy Slonik (Green Elephant)

Zeleniy Slonik (Green Elephant)


Directed by:Svetlana Baskova

  Zeleniy Slonik (Green Elephant) is a 1999 film directed by Russian director Svetlana Baskova,this really is a strange film indeed.The copy I have doesn't have English subs so it was difficult to understand whats going on but all and all its worth checking out if you can and another thing the quality isn't too great. Zeleniy Slonik is a War/Gore film based on the Bolshevik Gulags (Death Camps).Baskova's is a professional artist who carried out this project with his numerical caméscope and of the help from friends, also artists and this is his second film.
   One thing I like about this film is the amateur camera work that has a realism to it,it has a real gritty look.Theses two Russian men who are prisoners in this small cell talk for a good while and they start to argue and scream at each other,they fight and chat a little more.This goes on for about 50-60 minutes and then they are taken to what Im guessing was to be executed,there is a scene about the 30 or 40 minute mark involving one of the Russian men eating his own excrement then trying to feed it to the other Russian man that shocked me a little bit.
  The last 27 or 30 minutes of the film is definitely nightmarish that's for sure,the strange singing and screaming that goes on can freak you out.One of the Russian men brutally murders a guard and rapes him,pulls his guts out and there is plenty more violence and blood.I would say that if you liked August Underground you might enjoy this film,the film was banned in its own homeland after one showing due to the explicit scenes of coprophilie and scatophilie,homosexual rape and murder.Not much more I can say about Zeleniy Slonik (Green Elephant) but to check it out if you can it is most definitely a strange film.I was able to get a bootleg of Zeleniy Slonik (Green Elephant) a few months back not knowing what it was,I only got it for the cover art and im sure there are some bootleg sites that carry this film.I would like to own the Russian VHS if I come across it,but really odd film I hope you enjoy it.-Jesse