Wednesday, 15 December 2010

GenkiSlave Interviews Long Pigs Co-Director Chris Power

Long Pigs is a mocumentary about a cannibal serial killer, Directed by Nathan Hynes & Chris Power. I whispered sweet nothings at Chris until he granted me this interview:

GenkiSlave: Hi Chris, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by your favourite person for the sicktwistedfucks blog!
Chris Power: Hey man thanks to you and your sicktwistedreaders!

GS: Do you own any pigs?
CP: Pigs? I'm the only pig in my house!
Actually Nathan (co-director) owns a pub in Toronto called "The Auld Spot" where pigs are the theme... so he technically does own a pig.

GS: Wow.. So the pig theme is pretty personal to you guys then! I found a torrent of Long Pigs but it fucked up my laptop and I had to pay 70 quid to have it fixed.. Will you send an engineer out next time it happens when i try to download your next film rather than buying it officially?
CP: LOL! I would be lying if I didn't admit the same fuckin thing happened to me recently - trying to watch shit for free as well... Got mine fixed by my awesome brother-in-law gratis so if it happens again I'll hook ya up. We cool?

GS: Haha yeh we cool!.. Long Pigs is a pretty good film.. Great effort! Have you always been interested in making a mockumentary about a cannibal?
CP: Since I was a wee lad... actually the idea really came about when Nathan and I were looking for a "real life" horror story for a script. Long story short: we befriended this psycho murderer in prison who totally manipulated us - we made every journalistic mistake in the book. Anyhow thanks for the kind words - we made this for nothing so it's nice just to have it seen by folks who appreciate it.

GS: Yeah, well I have read some shit up on it from wikipedia and IMDB! haha.. So, when do you think you will give something decent away to promote the film, rather than dried bacon? Even though I do see the connection with the bacon and all that..
CP: Actually the Jerky is "Beef" as you can see on the package - and people seem to dig it as a novelty anyhow. Again, like Cecil B. Demented we have "no budget" - we do have a Long Pigs baby t-shirt:
And in the coming year - Anthony (Killer in film) will finally be releasing his cookbook from prison...
But if you or anyone else have suggestions bring 'em on - we're open to licence deals!

GS: Thats cool - Beef Bacon.. I like it!! I heard through the grapevine that you will be doing a sequel to LP.. Is this true or some made up rumour from some cunt on the internet?
CP: No, we have a script people seem to like - and hopefully some first stage financing soon. I can't say too much about it other than the fact that batshit-crazy facebook people are part of the movie so there's still a chance you'll be in it!

GS: Wow.. Are you gonna fly me over from the the UK?!!! Can i play a Japanese Scat obsessed drag queen?
CP: Sure, why not? - but I think we'll just shoot that video via skype... We're gonna set up something for crazy fans to submit videos that can be part of a internet montage. The crazier the better, and you just set the bar sir. Now I wanna see that actually! Now who's sick?!

GS: Ah... But the sight of me wallowing in a mixture of semen, shit and menstrual blood is not pretty! Cool.. Thats sounds fucking awesome.. Cant wait... Anyway.. Thanks for the chat Chris. Your a fucking star! One last question... Can you recommend any good Cannibal Mockumentaries??
CP: Besides ours? - hell there's a whole sub genre isn't there? A lot of people liked Cannibal Holocaust but for me that went a bit over the line in terms of the animal cruelty. Hey and many thanks for the interest sir! We need all the sicktwistedfriends we can get! -cheers

GS: Oh I loved the turtle bit in Cannibal Holocaust! No problem man.. Its been a pleasure (in a twisted sexual way)... Laters dude :)
CP: That poor turtle... later sir!

(GenkiSlave December 2010)