Wednesday, 16 March 2011

'Red Account: My Bloody Angel' Review (SculptingFragments)

Dir. Sato Toshiki

Told through flashbacks our main girl Tomoko speaks of how her husband Masao, who she is deeply in love with, met his untimely fate.

This 'Tokyo Shock' release bills 'Red Account' as an all out gore film, in the same vein as the infamous 'Guinea Pig' series to come out of the same Japan as this underground sickie. Presented in a nice slipcase with four collectors art cards, very pretty. But now for the film itself.

Opening we see a ceremony trying to rid the devil, out of Masao's eye, Tomoko tells of how they are in love together so she has to help him with his eye problem. This is shown by a what seems to be everlasting dull sex scene. One thing i don't get about Japanese films with hardcore sex in, is why they have scenes like close up shots of a girls twat when they know it's just going to get blurred out! There's nothing like a face full of pixels to ruin the mood.

Skip forward twenty minutes and two sex scenes later we still don't know anything thats going on, the only dialogue we've had so far is that these two people are in love, I would have like some more talking but her mouth was too full of dick. Now we're introduced to a new character, Kawakami San, not that we know anything about the first two characters, except how they fuck but whatever.

We soon learn that Masao has a new song that he composed for the awesome rock band that we never see, he becomes more and more reclusive writing music and begins to distance himself from Tomoko. Because of this it's clear to see he is possessed by The Devil, after all rock music is The Devils music, apparently. Lucky for him, his old school friend Kawakami is an exorcist and they set up the ceremony we briefly witnessed at the beginning. After a few seconds of ceremonial gibberish Kawakami gives up and tries a different method: he strangles Masao, cuts off his head and pokes him in the eye.

'The Devil has infected his organs, we need to clean his organs!'

Apparently Masao's schoolfriend exorcist is also a surgeon, go figure! From here on out i took of my thinking cap and enjoyed the gore. Couldn't help but wonder what they were going to do with Masao after they were done cleaning all his 'Devil organs', well when the exorcist surgeon calls it a night it turns out Tomoko is a necrophiliac so let the good times role, I guess.