Friday, 29 October 2010

'Love By The Scalpel Dog (GEN 001)' Genki Film Overview

aka Love By The Sea Scalpel Dog (Bootleg title)

This Isnt Just Dog Porn, This Is Genki Dog Porn.

When I heard that the first of the infamous sicko Genki films was one that involved a dog and an actress, I thought 'Yawn yawn. A boring dog fuck film. Christ, I can get loads of those shit films from Dodgy Dave down the pub'... That was until I heard that Love By The Scalpel Dog was a first for these type of films. Yes, the dog is female, and the actress is female. Hmmm, all of a sudden this film sounded interesting. So what does a curious sick fuck like me do? Hunt the fucking thing down of course! And, Christ, did I feel dirty for doing the evil deed and watch it!

Bitch On Bitch Action!

How the hell can a lesbian dog fuck film work? I hear you not asking yourselves. Well, just think double headed dildo, pussy lapping, spread apart dog vag, condom on doggy's paw and you'd be correct. I know! I couldnt believe it myself, and, trust me, Ive seen some sick shit in my time!

Apparently, the dog was Daikichi Amano's own family pet but he vowed never to use a dog in one of his films ever again because the poor canine puked on set due to the lighting heat! So good old Amano concentrated on sea creature / insect fetish porn instead. Aww, how kind of him.

Yes, this film is vile, but worth a peek just to see something disgustingly different!

Right, im off to the kennels to pick me up a stray...

(October 2010)