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Heres my list of some of the goriest moment ever caught on film! Heres just 5! MORE TO COME SOON!

RAMBO: The ending battle sequence. We got men being turned to pudding in the front seat of Jeeps, Arms and legs flying off, and guts ripped out! ALL CAUGHT ON SCREEN! Next to Saving Private Ryan this has to be the most violent war film ever made!          

*note, this is not the original song played in the film! hahah! BUT IT'S BADASS!

DEAD-ALIVE (a.k.a. BRAINDEAD): Yeah.. SO this is pretty much the goriest movie ever made.. Thank you Peter Jackson for giving us this horror/comedy/zombie/splatterfest CLASSIC! So hard to pick just one scene from this movie to use! So I picked the lawnmower scene! ENJOY!

RIKI-OH: THE STORY OF RICKY: Yeah, so this one is kind of like the Dead-Alive of the Martial Arts world. This is a non-stop, over the top, fun as hell Gore fest!!! Ya may recognize a particular scene of a man clapping another man's head into a pile of mush from the Daily Show. A CLASSIC! Again this was also a hard movie to just choose ONE scene! But oddly enough the scene I have chosen id very similar to the lawnmower scene in DEAD-ALIVE... Check it out!

ROBOCOP: One of the best (if not THE best) action/adventure science-fiction movies of the 80's is also probably the goriest and most violent! We all know the story of RoboCop, but do we know how he came to be??? Well thats the scene that makes the cut for this entry. Alex Murphy is turned into RoboCop in a rather gory way when Clarence Boddicker and his cronies blow off Murphy's hand and shoot him repeadetly in the torso with shotguns. Clarence finally ends him with a bullet in the ole' noodle. This scene got the movie an X- rating upon its release and well, the Unrated cut is the only cut to watch!

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST:  Probably the most controversial movie of all time Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ was called a "masterpiece", "blasphemous", and most importantly "The most violent movie evermade!" I don't know about all that but that cricifixian scene put many people in tears while it also messed with their belly! This scene is maybe the most violent death scene of one man ever caught on film.. And it all really happened!


Friday, 19 November 2010

'MuZan-e' Review

Menstruating out of the underground from super sleaze meister Daisuke Yamanouchi, this pseudo snuff extravaganza takes us into the seedy porn industry in Japan.
Shot in the way of a documentary, we follow a reporter as she visits adult shops, porn shoots and also does interviews with some of the cast. On the set we get the pleasure of seeing just how low the directors are willing to go to get their perfect picture, removing a girls bloody tampon and inserting into her mouth before wiping her pussy blood onto her face then fucking her. total female degrading and humiliation, much to the reporters disgust.

when the reporter decides to go deeper, she secures a deal with an unknown man to obtain a snuff video. She meets the man in the centre of a busy town and makes the transaction, upon returning to her camera man she opens the package and pulls out a VHS tape along with a 5 page letter, back to the studio!

As we watch the atrocities on the tape the reporter reads the letter as a voiceover, the letter talks about how two brothers had planned to abduct a porn star that they had been following for months, watching her every move and memorising her day to day time table. On this particular day they would know she would be late for work, so one of the brother posed as a colleague and offered her a ride back to the set. In the car she falls asleep and he can't control himself anymore, his logic is that she enjoys men touching her all the time in the movies, so she wont mind, right? when things don't go to plan he stuffs the unconscious body into the car boot and takes her to an unknown location. Suspicion rises when she didn't like him touching her, the brother doesn't understand and begins to think that she is not the real porn star, a fake? one final test can determine that, in the pornstars interview she said she liked to dance, so what to they do? crank the radio and spin her naked through the air by her legs, well i'll be damned if she doesn't like this!
Much to the brothers surprise she didn't like it, he states in the letter:

He had to destroy her. Describing in great detail for the final two pages the acts that were committed against her.

*pause video for reporter to have a vomit break in a nearby bin* and we're off again!

After the snuffing out of the pornstar the reporter hasn't had enough, studying the tape for over a month they pick at every little detail they can find and hunt down the location of the murder set with her camera crew. But as opposed to the porn shoots she attended, why be a spectator when you can be the star?
The brothers ambush the crew and take them inside, once the reporter is set into the snuff chair she has studied for so long she knows exactly what is going on. Filmed with her own camera one of the brothers bites off her nipple, mutilates her genitals and feeds the bloody flap flesh to her, but it doesn't stop there!

More fun follows and i suggest you hunt this one down to find out the ending, i highly recommend it!
Once only available through a VHS rip, now an official Japanese release can be found and the new digital transfer is a LOT nicer than the previously available one. No subtitles sometimes leave us in the dark but the story is easy enough to follow, and for anyone who is waiting for the Unearthed Films release, they have since dropped all of Yamanouchi's films off of their upcoming releases so don't hold your breath. Your best bet is to pick up the Japanese dvd, don't settle for the VHS rip and enjoy snuff in all it's gory glory.


Human Curling!

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

I guess no one did a review on this film because it's an obvious classic to most of us sick fucks, but I decided to do a review for this film, but not just any review: What I personally think about this classic film and why I like it so much.

"It is when I see others degraded that I rejoice knowing it is better to be me than the scum of 'the people'. Whenever men are equal, without that difference, happiness cannot exist. So you wouldn't aid the humble, the unhappy. In all the world no voluptuousness flatters the senses more than social privilege."

This was Pier Paolo Pasolini's last film before he got killed, as you should know by now if you're a sick fuck and are a fan of this film. Pasolini was one of the greatest filmmakers from Italy that left a huge impact in the world of cinema. He was also known as the Italian Neorealist. He made movies like Teorema, which influenced Takashi Miike to make his film, Visitor Q. So as you can see, he made a huge impact in the cinema world, as I've stated.

Now, you guys may be wondering why the fuck I'm talking about this "art-aspect" of his films. Well that's simply because I'm a huge fan of movement films. As much as I love Salo for the grotesqueness and the depravity they portray in the film, I still watch it with the intention of seeing what Pasolini is trying to convey in this film. I do know that this film was suppose to portray the suffering of the common people in Italy during World War II, and how the government treated them like shit, which is what makes this film more than just another exploitation film that tries to gross people out. For the fact that this film has both depraved contents and a deep message they are trying to convey, this film is definitely a masterpiece to me. 

I would compare this movie to Gasper Noe's Irreversible, for the fact that both films were controversial but made an impact in the history of cinema. Even Monica Belllucci stated in an interview that one of the main reason why she decided to do Irreversible is for the fact that the movie contained very dangerous topic but at the same time, it had an impact in the world of cinema. Not to mention she even brought up Pasolini's name in that interview.

Now, allow me to go into the depraved and grotesque aspects of this film. There are many memorable scenes from this film, but the one that stands out the most to me is the part where the blonde girl starts to cry and the Duke gets off at her crying and makes her eat his feces. It sure is a gross scene but at the same time I found that scene to be quite interesting. Most mainstream movie person will just say to this scene, "Oh it's a girl eating shit, that's fucking stupid". Well, I don't find this scene to be just plain and straight-forward. I see this scene as the oppression the common people in Italy had to go through and how the Italian government used to molest their own people during World War II. I can see their suffering through this metaphorical scene. 

Another scene that always comes to my mind when I think of this film is the Wedding scene. I guess among all the torture scenes, this scene is probably the only "PURE" part in the whole movie. For some reason, this scene makes me calm for the fact that it portrays a normality in a film that is so bizarre and sometimes painful to watch. Even though this scene ends with these two "lovers" getting raped by the Dukes, this scene will always be my favorite moment in this bizarre film.

So to conclude, this movie definitely is a masterpiece. Some people may watch this film purely for the gore-aspects, and some may try to figure out what Pasolini's trying to convey in this insane and outrageous film. And to be honest, I watch this film with both intentions. All in all, this film will go down in the history as one of the most grotesque yet brilliant films.

-Tay (Tradathegreat)

Shit Wrestling!

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