Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Heres my list of some of the goriest moment ever caught on film! Heres just 5! MORE TO COME SOON!

RAMBO: The ending battle sequence. We got men being turned to pudding in the front seat of Jeeps, Arms and legs flying off, and guts ripped out! ALL CAUGHT ON SCREEN! Next to Saving Private Ryan this has to be the most violent war film ever made!          

*note, this is not the original song played in the film! hahah! BUT IT'S BADASS!

DEAD-ALIVE (a.k.a. BRAINDEAD): Yeah.. SO this is pretty much the goriest movie ever made.. Thank you Peter Jackson for giving us this horror/comedy/zombie/splatterfest CLASSIC! So hard to pick just one scene from this movie to use! So I picked the lawnmower scene! ENJOY!

RIKI-OH: THE STORY OF RICKY: Yeah, so this one is kind of like the Dead-Alive of the Martial Arts world. This is a non-stop, over the top, fun as hell Gore fest!!! Ya may recognize a particular scene of a man clapping another man's head into a pile of mush from the Daily Show. A CLASSIC! Again this was also a hard movie to just choose ONE scene! But oddly enough the scene I have chosen id very similar to the lawnmower scene in DEAD-ALIVE... Check it out!

ROBOCOP: One of the best (if not THE best) action/adventure science-fiction movies of the 80's is also probably the goriest and most violent! We all know the story of RoboCop, but do we know how he came to be??? Well thats the scene that makes the cut for this entry. Alex Murphy is turned into RoboCop in a rather gory way when Clarence Boddicker and his cronies blow off Murphy's hand and shoot him repeadetly in the torso with shotguns. Clarence finally ends him with a bullet in the ole' noodle. This scene got the movie an X- rating upon its release and well, the Unrated cut is the only cut to watch!

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST:  Probably the most controversial movie of all time Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ was called a "masterpiece", "blasphemous", and most importantly "The most violent movie evermade!" I don't know about all that but that cricifixian scene put many people in tears while it also messed with their belly! This scene is maybe the most violent death scene of one man ever caught on film.. And it all really happened!