Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones


Directed by:Sean Bryne

  The Loved Ones has got to be THE BEST horror film I've seen in a while,it will not disappoint. This is an Australian film,capture and torture horror as if we can't get enough of this stuff right?.Honestly I was turned off by the trailer the first time I saw it,I figured it was just another copy cat film and the trailer seemed to give the whole movie away. Its somewhat campy and there are a few comedic moments but not over done,the violence is great and the gore scenes are good but they shy away from them with fancy camera work,but enough is shown so you know whats going on. 

  Brent lost his father in a car crash and is a depressed teen who has turned to drugs and self-mutilation to cope with the loss. He turns down a shy girl named Lola,who asked him to the end of school dance as he already has a date his girlfriend Holly. Brent is later out with his dog for a walk and is abducted by a man who turns out to be Lola's father,he wakes up tied to a chair,dressed in a tuxedo inside this girls house that has been decked out to look like a school dance. He is then tortured by Lola and her father as they go on a pretend date,this girl is a complete psychopath and I love it! That is pretty much the plot of this film.

  There are moments were we see Brent's mom and girlfriend looking for him and scenes of his friend out with his date who is smoking hott by the way,but nothing that really distracts the viewer too much with things like really long flashbacks etc. This film reminded me of the recent torture capture film Neighbor directed by:Robert A. Masciantonio,which is not a bad film by the way but it had a flashback scene that totally confused me and I was waiting for something like that in this film. The torture is pretty good as I said before the gore very little but enough to shock,there are some escape attempts as Brent try's to get away and there is plenty of violence that is not over-the-top.

 The ending is brilliant there is a bloody struggle as Lola attempts to murder Brents girlfriend,I really hate to spoil this film but all I can say is that its just great from beginning to end and you won't be disappointed. This is NOT an extreme type of horror film but for fans of Neighbor (2010) and Wolf Creek (2005).I have to say that Robin McLeavy the actress who plays Lola does an amazing job and while your watching this you can't help but say to yourself “Wow,she is completely insane!”. I have no idea were to get this film as I found little information on its US release,I am hoping there will be one soon cause its one that needs to be added to the collection.-Jesse