Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dard Divorce

Dard Divorce


Directed by: Olaf Ittenbach

  Dard Divorce is an over-the-top splatter film filled with extreme violence,torture and gore. If you like Ittenbach's The Burning Moon and Black Past you will enjoy Dard Divorce,the acting is simply horrible and the story is not too great but Id recommend it anyway for the gore hounds,there are plenty of entertaining scenes some of which are very laughable and ridiculous,I think its what most would expect from German director Olaf Ittenbach.

  So this film is about Natalie a single mother going threw a divorce,doing everything she can to destroy her ex by taking there two kids away and leaving him broke with lots of legal fees. Her dog goes missing and she finds a letter with the word DARD written in blood at the top of her stairs,her ex-husband Tim later turns up dying on her back porch talking about losing the kids and how sorry he is,she calls the cops they come to her home and find nothing. Natalie is now looking for her two kids who are missing and she is now wondering what kind of trouble Tim got himself in,there are a lot of confusing scenes as we listen to different stories about what happened to Tim and what hes involved in.

   Tim stole some drugs and money and now there are men who are trying to hurt his family,they torture Natalie and abduct the kids in hopes to get information out of her. The torture scenes are great and so is the violence,this film has more of a mystery thing going on as everything is explained toward the end and through out the movie there are a few twist and turns in the story that can confuse the viewer a little. But I really enjoyed all the splatter there are some great effects,bloody and messy but good and plenty of spilling guts,decapitations and dismemberment.

   Id say just check the film out for all the great violence and gore,I didn't really care too much about the story and I also thought the music wasn't too bad. The music was very loud in some parts mostly noticeable at the end,I also found Natalie's character to be annoying mainly due to her broken English. I believe this film is available in non US format so go pick it up and check it out.-Jesse

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