Friday, 4 February 2011

'Orozco the Embalmer' Review (SculptingFragments)

Dir. Tsurisaki Kiyotaka

The film opens with a tour of a rundown town in Columbia, derelict buildings and bodies in the street.
The people that live here, live poor and die poor, in the hands of the legendary Orozco the Embalmer.

This documentary follows Orozco as he does his daily job of receiving corpses, gutting them and filling them up, not with embalming fluid as you'd expect but with old rags and newspaper.   The conditions he works in are revolting, the cutting and gutting takes place in what looks like an abandoned garage packed full of storage boxes.
His method is brutal and careless, which makes the whole process seem more surreal. One thing you will notice is that he never shows any compassion for the body, everything is very rough and rushed.  We are not used to seeing this side of the world,  life here is cheap.

When not in the garage we survey the local town discovering body after body. Men, women, old and young, they can all be found in the streets of Colombia and all end up at Orozco's.

To say this film is hard hitting is an understatement, after just ten minutes of watching i was ready to turn it off and try another time, but i stayed with it and with each scene a more horrific corpse greeted me. Where as many other 'Shockumentaries' feature dead bodies that have met their untimely deaths due to some unfortunate accident, these people die as it is their way of life. i can bet that only a minuscule amount of people die from natural causes here, and from watching this, it serves more like an 'eye-opener' to know the conditions other parts of the world live in. They are not lucky like us to be provided with excellent health care or even a justice system.  These people are the underdogs of life.

Unfortunately the edition that i am reviewing does not have english subtitles, despite most of the dialogue is the odd word or sentence here and there, there is one interview which would be nice to know what was being said. Apart from that this extremely enjoyable experience last a very long 90 minutes. I've always heard people saying after watching a death film they're left with a dirty feeling. I never experienced that feeling before but now i know.
I need a shower...


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Recommended: Sodomatik Extreme Gore Mixtape DVD Vol. 1

Sodomatik Extreme Gore Mixtape Vol. 1 is a great compilation of clips from some of the greatest horror/exploitation films out there, and its a good starter point for those that are just getting into the genre. Music accompany around 25 minutes of the mix, after that the clips feature their original audio tracks. Sodomatik 1 is also a good item to put on when some friends pop around for a few beers and need some light entertainment!

The clips, in order of appearance, are as follows:
Satanico Pandemonium, Suicide Club, Pieces, Suicide Club, The Nutbag, New York Ripper, Pieces, New York Ripper, Schramm, May, Premutos, Death Smiled at Murder, Pieces, Pieces, Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine, House of Blood, Premutos, Premutos, New York Ripper, Suicide Club, House of Blood, Splatter : Naked Blood, The Reflecting Skin, The Nutbag, House of Blood, Evil Ed, The Nutbag, Suspiria, Phantom of Death, Nutbag, Cutting Moments, The Reflecting Skin, Phantom of Death, Splatter : Naked Blood, Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine, Dont't Torture a Duckling, The House by the Cemetery, The House by the Cemetery, Scrapbook, Thriller : One Eye, Premutos, Mother of Tears, Gummo, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Dead of Alive, Mother of Tears, A Blade in the Dark, Mother of Tears, The Toolbox Murders, Thriller : One Eye, Another Day in Paradise, The Beyond, Another Day in Paradise, The Beyond, The Beyond, Suicide, Guinea Pig : FOFAB, Angst, Murder Set Pieces, Home Sick, Entrails of A Beautiful Woman, Aftermath, For Your Height Only, Guinea Pig : Devi's Experiment, Guinea Pig : He Never Dies, Aswang, Guinea Pig : Murmaid in a Manhole, Entrails of a Beautiful Woman, High Tension, The City of the Living Dead, Gore Gore Girls, City of the Living Dead, The Grapes of Death, Gore Gore Girls, Ken Park, The Burning, Snuff Perversions 2, Violent Shit 3, Slumber Party Massacre 2, The Burning, Nightbeast, Phenomena, Philosphy of a Knife, Nekromantik 2, Massacro, Horrible, Faceless, Fantom Kiler, Evil Dead Trap, Bay of Blood, August Underground, August Underground's Mordum, August Underground's Penance, Blutiger Freitag, Deadbeat at Dawn, Autopsy, Dust Devil, The Killer Must Kill Again, Street Fighter, Bloodfeast 2, Opera, Brain Damage, Clean Shaven, Strip Nude For Your Killer, Mr. Lonely.

All in all, its a blast and worth checking out!

(GenkiSlave 2011)