Monday, 18 October 2010

3 Cortes

3 Cortes


Directed by:André ZP,Fernando Rick, Kapel Furman André 

“3 Cortes” is a Brazilian film,a collection of three shorts shot by three different directors. Its worth watching its pretty entertaining you also get to see a gore film from a country that doesn't really make these types of films. And you get a chance to see three films by some unknown filmmakers the three shorts are "Sozinho" (a.k.a. "Alone"),"Coleção de Humanos Mortos" (a.k.a. "Dead Human Collection") and "06 Tiros, 60ml" (a.k.a. "06 Bullets, 60ml").

“Sozinho”,Is the first short about a man who meets up with a woman he met earlier in the day. I really liked the music that begins to play when he gets to her doorstep,its a cool sounding indie band and the tune is really good. He finds himself on her bed getting a little foot tease then getting the life stomped out of him,vomiting on himself and the woman he blacks out. The woman pulls out a machete and starts chopping the man up,this first short is a 11 minute splatter-fest with great music.

"Coleção de Humanos Mortos",The next short is definitely not for the squeamish. This is a short produced by Black Vomit Films about a man named Alexander,who enjoys inflicting pain and receiving it and being influenced by his inner demons or past victims to torture others. In the opening scene he is torturing a woman then scalps her,he breaks in a house rapes a woman then murders her boyfriend taking the woman back to his place and continues to torture her more. The ending scene is just great! his inner demons push him to turn on himself causing him to use a razor to spill his own guts. I only wish they hadn't pulled away from the scene were Alexander murders the woman's boyfriend with a shotgun blow to the head.

"06 Tiros, 60ml",This is the last gory cheese-fest,about a drug deal gone wrong leaving one man shot in the head. The man wakes up in a hospital only to find a bunch of bloody-faceless like people and a nurse who he murders in an elevator,he goes on a killing spree in the hospital that is really over-the-top splatter and cheese, its pretty good gore and blood. There is also a little twist ending,this was my least favorite but very entertaining. As for finding the film there are a few bootleg sites you can get it from,I have yet to come across the actual DVD release and have no idea were to find it.-Jesse