Monday, 6 December 2010

'Scatolo Cat Fight'

Mud Wrestling? Fuck Off! This Is Shit Wrestling!

There's nothing better than getting home from work, making a hot drink, popping a DVD in the player and watching Japanese girls wrestle in shit! Yes, heaven indeed!

Scatolo Cat Fight starts off quite tame really, with naked girls wrestling in a slimey dung heap and pissing on each other. Oh, how they seem to enjoy these joyous activities! But, oh oh, they must have been given either a huge meal before or some laxatives, because they really need to take huge shits in a back of a pick up truck! Girl after girl get the turds a flowing in glorious detail. Yes, its quite surreal stuff!

Those silly girls! They really should have known better than to take a steaming dump in the back of a trailer, because some cunt operating the vehicle thinks it would be fun to empty it while the poor girls are still on the back of it! Aww bless! They really fight to stay on the back of the dumpster (no pun intended) to save themselves from being covered in their own shit. But, deary me, it isnt long before they topple off into a heap, covered in the lovely brown stuff! Then its time to wrestle in human shit. Yum yum!

This film is a weird and wonderful piece of Japanese Scat! Plus its the ideal viewing experience with a cup of tea and a chocolate brownie!

(GenkiSlave December 2010)